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Our Live Occupancy Solution can be and up and running in minutes

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Setup fast and (re)welcome your customers

Display your style

Use any display, window TV, kiosk or narrowcasting

Use exsisting hardware

Many counters and cameras currently supported

Mobile dashboard

Optimize live occupancy on the go

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Your benefits

Maximum capacity

Display your Occupancy Recommendation


Enable Email & Push Notifications


Health & Safety Measurements for Staff

Manage Occupancy

Manage Occupancy & Trafficlimits in Real-Time

Years of experience
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System features

Besides Covid/ social distancing, our system is used for its many possibilities.


Convert COVID data into insights and ultimately improve your performance. Footfall analysis shapes marketing and operation.


Any digital screen can be used to invite and inform your visitors within safe measures. Draw attention to fill up and perform.


Boost visitor- and employee confidence in your business by prioritizing and showing personal safety measures.


Visitor traffic is the ultimate parameter to track and optimize your operation. Get the essential data for key decisions.


A new era bringing new KPIs. Combine and manage off- and online information with our dashboard.


Anticipate when visitor traffice tresholds are breached. When occupancy approaches set tresholds, get notified instantly to keep goals safe.

Try Covid monitor today!

Help your visitors feel save to enter.
Use existing hardware and count on us.

Frequently Ask Questions

The value and importance of monitoring

Why monitoring?

With this monitor you measure ánd manage (!) how many people gather inside for compliance with COVID-19 regulations. The measures are basically designed to keep everyone safe and ensure people have enough room to socially distance themselves.

However: this measured data has value beyond keeping people safe! How to maximise this?? By actively prioritizing personal safety you boost customer and employee confidence in your business! Visitors are encouraged to enter and employees will be reassured to work. Some forward thinking: sharing live occupancy data enables visitors to pick a time when it is quiet, increasing their trust in your business and improving their visiting experience! .

What is monitored?

Maximum allowed capacity levels are measured and calculated by combining available surface and layout with visitorsflow through multiple entrances.

While complying with regulations, the measured data and its history offers optimizing locationperformance, customer and employee experience, current and future customerspends, staffingcosts and queue management .

How does it work?

With visitornumber and –dwelltime, the maximum optimal allowable number can be reached fast and monitored continuously. Higly accurate!

Determine allowable numbers of visitors centrally based on surface, layout and number of entrances. Set limits to show warnings and send messages.

Via simple online configuration a smartphone can be used to finish local installation. Both central and local the system is seet and managed, depending on granted access rights. Via monitor, kiosk or display, visitors are invited to come inside or beiing kept informed while waiting. .

What do I need?

What do you already have?? We will provide what is missing. The browserbased messages show off best best on clear, bright and wellsized monitors. Connect to your local hardware or use our small additional device to use extra screens. Data comes from your Peoplecounting system. Or from ours… lets check all possibilities.

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